Art Collaboration  - India & Australia

Selina & Indy bring together female Indian entrepreneurs. Selina creates a sculpture to be part of a combined artwork with Indian artists for the XI FIP World Polo Championship. 

Selina & Indy (Bengal Tiger Indranil Halder)  at the Archibald 2017 opening night 

"Indian artists Manasi Khanna Bhatia, Swati Arora, Shipra, Deepa and Meena Mohanty have collaborated with famous art curator Selina Hitches to showcase their work....... "it is a great opportunity for them to present their work as the work of India based artists is being highlighted" All these Sydney based artists have used Indian aesthetics in their work. 



Kumud Merani 



Selina Hitches with Charles Billich at


his studio, Sydney.

Erin Holland(former Miss World Australia)   With Selina Hitches & her sculpture "Polo" 

'Dawn Bather' featured on


‘Dawn Bather’ – By Selina Hitches

Selina with Mr Peter Simms, the founder of the annual ‘Dawny to Cockatoo swim’.  

(Harbour Sculpture 2015)

Artist Selina Hitches with Mr Peter Simms
'Dawn Bather'


Invited guest sculptor Selina Hitches exhibits 'Resilience'  for the 30th celebrations at Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens. 

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